Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What Topics Do You Cover In Your Blog?

There are two main topics I think about when it comes to career: the logistics (resumes, cover letters, where to find jobs, ect), and then there's a psychological, like having no idea what you want, feeling torn between decisions, or just the general feeling on anxiousness about career.

Can You Help Me 1:1?

If you'd like 1:1 coaching, feel free to email me at michael@findfulfillingwork.org.

What do you do for work? What's your passion? 

I work remotely at a start up as a Knowledge & Content Lead (I do lots of writing!). What's my passion? If you read my principles, you'll realize that it's not one thing—I have a different approach to work and passion.

I enjoy my job and I also like playing music, writing this blog, reading, and exercising. I don't believe "passion" is one thing because life is multi-faceted. You might get your dream-job, but if it forces you to abandon other aspects of your life, your passion can turn into a prison.

Can you just tell me what I should do with my life?

No! Nobody can tell you what you should do with your career or life.

With logistical things like writing your resume or optimizing your LinkedIn, you can of course take specific direction from others. But when it comes to changing your career or life, the best advice will help you make your own decision rather than simply instruct you what to do. If you are told what to do, you might move forward with a decision, but it is often half-hearted and without a feeling of resolve.

Each person's situation is unique to them based on their circumstances and nature. I do my best to write articles that help you discover what is best for you. What I try and do is remove any misconceptions or unproductive beliefs about career and life, which will allow you to more freely make your own decisions.