About me

When I got a job I liked, I got healthier, less anxious, less depressed, and started to finally move in the direction I wanted to in life.

The steady job provided me with the stability and platform where I could improve my life.

My passion is helping others do the same.

After graduating college where I got a degree in something I didn’t even care about at the time, I worked at jobs that I didn’t care about.

I’ve learned a lot through having jobs in the medical field, K-12 education, and finally the start-up world, my true home.

From these experiences I’ve learned a lot as to why it’s so hard to discover what one is passionate about.

This blog is my attempt to help others from what I’ve experienced.

I write about:

  • career and work
  • passions and interests
  • self-development
  • the psychological and mental struggle

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