About Me

During and after college, career was a huge source of stress and anxiety.

I grew up a creative person with a lot of interests. I did everything from stand-up comedy, playing music, drawing, and writing.

So I was constantly worried of wasting my potential and giving up on my dreams. I struggled with finding work that didn’t feel meaningless and soul-sucking.

Ultimately I found a balance between a flexible well-paying job and pursuing passions outside of work which provides me the lifestyle and freedom I’ve always wanted.

From these experiences I’ve learned a lot about why it’s hard finding what you're passionate about.‍

My mission with Find Fulfilling Work is to help you discover the work that most aligns with your passions and show you how to embark on that career.

I believe every person needs to do something they find compelling and that provides their life with meaning.

I've learned that doing work you love can make you a better friend, family member, financially stable, and more spiritually grounded.

Simply put, it leaves you with more energy for all the other parts of your life.

Read more about my story here.

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