My 2022 Review and 2023 Goals

finding your path

For me, 2022 was a lot of grasping in the dark. Part of this was expected—when you go into uncharted territory you make lots of missteps as you find your path. Some people in entrepreneurship call it "Paying down your ignorance tax."

But much of the shroud of darkness was the result of my own emotions, attachments, and illusions.

There were many positive aspects, but I want to ensure the negatives don’t get repeated in the next year.

Learnings from 2022

In 2022 I was addicted to Social Media.

I wasted lots of time on Tiktok and Instagram, constantly checking notifications. 

These are the reasons why I think I was addicted to it, in order of what was the root cause: 

  • Loneliness
  • It was easily accessible (the apps are on my phone)
  • Mental break from work 
  • A large part of Find Fulfilling Work is social media

So I plan on creating what I call a Distraction-Free Content Creation System where I can create and post content on these apps without having to actually use them so much. 

I’ll also be using an app called Freedom and SelfControl to schedule time where I have no access to social media. 

And just as importantly, I’ll be planning what I’ll be doing instead of social media. Having a clear plan on what you need to do is the easiest way to avoid distraction.

In 2022 I was pessimistic

I try a lot of things. And when you try a lot of things, many of them turn out to be mistakes. My biggest mistake was that I lamented what didn’t work and barely acknowledged what did work.

It’s best to not get attached to either success or failure, positive or negative, but to simply analyze them and use them to better understand reality.

This year, if something didn’t work, I’ll ask why it didn’t so I can decrease the likelihood in the future. 

The only way to truly know is through direct experience or to see something for yourself, and this comes with making mistakes.

In 2022 I lacked focus—both in the macro and micro.

A focused fool can accomplish more than a distracted genius. - Alex Hormozi

I would have been a lot further this year if I invested resources on a single thing. For example, I was trying to grow on Pinterest when I wasn’t even creating a consistent income via Tiktok. I spent time learning about real estate when I could have invested that time in my business. 

I don’t believe that this lack of focus comes from being a “multipotentialite” or having lots of interests. It comes from not seeing a high enough return from one area of focus. This causes one to consider other options. 

Imagine you have a business that makes you $1 million a year, is low stress, and only takes 10 hours a week. You’re much less likely to be interested in real estate or crypto. Imagine you have a job you love, it pays six figures, and it’s 20 hours a week. You probably won’t be browsing career advice articles or checking out what other people are doing on LinkedIn.

So part of focus comes from faith in what you’re doing, which is what is required in the beginning before you have evidence of a return on your investment. That being said, one doesn't need to go off faith for long, reality will provide you all the information you need.

"We have more faith in what we imitate than in what we originate. We cannot derive a sense of absolute certitude from anything which has its roots in us. The most poignant sense of insecurity comes from standing alone and we are not alone when we imitate. It is thus with most of us; we are what other people say we are.” - Bruce Lee

Lots of followers do not equal a business

Growing on Tiktok was a fun thing at first. I was learning how to create content as well as what type of content to create. 

But once I got to a certain following, say 10k, I should have begun investing more time in creating a consistent income. 

I would have provided more value to my followers and increased my capacity to provide more value if I have more money to put back into the business.

Favorites of 2022

Favorite Travel

This year I traveled to Playa Del Carmen and Morelia, both in Mexico. I really enjoyed Morelia and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to see a bit of Mexico that has a European vibe.

Favorite Events

The only concert I went to happened to be the best one I’d seen in a while. Interpol opening for Spoon. Both are amazing bands I’ve listened to for years and glad I went with my two friends/bandmates.

Here’s a list of other favorites of 2022:

Goals For 2023

Help 500 people land jobs

This will be the main goal of Find Fulfilling Work for 2023. I will create content and products to meet this goal.

Inputs Required

  • Launch Course 10 times this year
  • Increase member success by surveying every member
  • Update course content based on member feedback
5x Find Fulfilling Work Revenue

I question whether I’m being realistic here but there’s no downside to trying. My plan is to focus on course sales and brand deals to meet this goal. 

Inputs Required

  • Meet your first goal
  • Land 3 long-term brand deals
  • Consistently post content on Tiktok
Settle Down in One Place

In September of 2022 I moved out of Portland, OR. I’ve been digital nomading since but realized that I work best settled down in one area. It’s difficult being productive, healthy, or having a long-term relationship when you’re moving every couple months. 

Do more things that make me feel alive

I realized that this year I was deprived of the vitality and fulfillment that comes with adventuring down your own path. 

There’s a certain feeling we have when we are living our life. But in a society that doesn’t care whether or not you’re living a meaningful existence, we often don’t have that feeling. Due to this lack we repay ourselves for our loss, however poorly—food, drugs, cheap entertainment, social recognition, shopping, taking yourself out to dinner. 

There is nothing inherently wrong with these things, but they are a poor replacement for that much needed feeling.

For me this adventure comes from many things. Exploring new jobs, playing flamenco guitar, taking jiu jitsu class, working out, reading a great book, going on a date, listing to fun music, waking up early, taking an online course. 

These things, whether they end up being successful or not, light me up. I pay attention more, I’m more in the moment, I’m not automatic.

So my plan is to do more of them in the coming year, and ultimately have a life comprised of them.

My motivation

One might think that it takes discipline to set and achieve goals. But I believe it’s something much deeper. 

Fear, but a productive form of it: The fear of not actualizing one’s potential. The fear of not becoming yourself. 

I simply have no choice. I see that if I don’t change, I’ll end up at the age of 37, 46, 52, and never having become who I am. Not having a life that is my own. 

“Hell is meeting the person you could have become.”

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