Alternative Ways To Find Great Remote Jobs

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We all know what applying to jobs is like. You spend hours tailoring your resume to each position, learning about the company, researching the people, writing a cover letter, and oftentimes you still might not get a response. 

It can feel like a fruitless endeavor sometimes. Is anyone actually reading my damn resume?

This is because most people who go about applying for jobs do it the normal way by going to job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, etc.

These methods do still work and I know people who use them and get great jobs, but I want to talk about an alternative way because I don’t see believe anyone is using this strategy to find their next job,

Slack Communities

Slack communities are truly an untapped resource. You can find a Slack community for most types of jobs. In these communities, professionals congregate to share ideas and ask questions. 

Most of the people in these communities aren’t looking for customer support positions. They’re people in managerial or operational roles looking to connect and learn from others. But here’s the kicker, there is always a job board in these communities where they post about openings. See below:

From "Support Driven" Community
From "CX Accelerator" Community


I see people post about job openings in these boards and they receive zero replies. Granted, they are probably posting the position somewhere else too, but when they’re posting on Slack, you’re seeing it early and you have direct contact with that person.

You can apply to a job that is posted in a Slack community, then message them directly in Slack to let them know you applied and show your interest in the role.

People in these Slack communities rarely get direct messages compared to email or LinkedIn. So when they get a message, they’re less likely to ignore it.

It’s important not to just spam these communities. You can up your chances by actually engaging, talking to folks, asking questions, ect. 

A great question you can ask to possibly even get others to tell you about a new position is this: 

“Hi all, I’m new to the customer experience space and was wondering, what do you look for when hiring a customer support rep? I’m interested in positions in this space and would love to understand what makes a great employee and team member. Thank you!” 

This message does a few things: It introduces yourself to the community, it gets people to engage since you’re asking them what they think, and it shows you’re looking for a position and you’re trying to be a good employee. 

Here are a few Slack communities where you can find customer support positions. If you’re looking for something outside of support, you can google “{field} slack community”. Ex. “social media marketing slack community”, “programming slack community”

Tech Crunch has the latest news on startups that have either just started or have done something notable. Either way, chances are that the company mentioned is hiring. Simply scroll the list of articles written about startups and find the company's website. They should have a Careers or Jobs page at the bottom that will list an openings they have.

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