The Only Websites You Need to Find Your Next Remote Job

You're one application away from becoming a remote worker. Use one of these lower traffic job sites to find your next opportunity.

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Remote jobs are all the craze right now, and people are constantly wondering how to find the best remote job sites. Rest assured that there is no shortage of remote jobs. Companies are hiring left and right, and you’re one application away from never having to drive to work again. 

Below is a list of my personal favorite job sites, one of which is where I found my first remote job. Let’s dig in.

I love sites that do the work for you. Otta takes your preferences and suggests you jobs that are a good fit. This will save you a lot of time having to sift through positions. is run by an independent programmer who is doing an amazing job. All the roles listed are curated by hand so all the jobs are high quality. Remoteleaf does cost a small subscription fee, but in my opinion it's completely worth it since it's an investment toward getting your next remote job.

Dynamite jobs is a great site because you have advanced filtering that other sites don’t. For example, you can filter by team size—personally I prefer to be on smaller teams). Then of course you have all the other standard filters like experience level, location, and job field. is an app that allows you to quickly apply to jobs without having to constantly deal with resubmitting your resume. It also allows you to chat directly with the founder or individual hiring which can increase your chances and speed up the process. provides a long list of jobs from all over the world, so it’s particularly useful if you’re not in the U.S. You can also sign up for daily email updates that’ll put your job search on auto pilot. has thousands of jobs, perfectly sorted into easy to navigate categories. You can also set up job alerts for a specific category to your email, and you can determine whether you want those daily or weekly.

Planted.Com is actually where I got my first remote job back in 2018. Planted makes it easy to apply to jobs by matching you up with positions that meet your criteria. All you need to do is create a profile, upload your resume, and choose your job preferences, and Planted will recommend you positions. They don’t have a ton of job listings, but the ones they do have are legitimate jobs that you have a higher chance of getting.

Started by the same CEO as Flexjobs, gives you the most recent job postings from every field and industry you can imagine. also supports and facilitates companies wanting to go remote, so this site is doing it’s part to bring us to a remote world.

Pangian offers more than just job postings. It offers a remote community that you can learn from. The founder, Mag, has a mission of empowering every person to pursue their talents and be unrestricted by their geographical location. To date, it has posted over 16,000 jobs.

Started by a woman who was frustrated by the lack of legitimate remote jobs, you can find everything from education, consulting, proofreading, to graphic design jobs. Virtual Vocations does require you to create an account, but they have a free version that you can use.

Workew posts jobs from all around the world and even has a section for crypto jobs. You can find everything from project management, operations, writing and editing, and marketing.

Flexjobs is the behemoth job site that will provide you no shortage of remote job opportunities. In addition to full-time, you can find part-time and contract work. Another huge plus is that the Flexjob team vets every job on it’s site, so you can be assured you won’t get scammed. Flexjobs does require a subscription fee, so I recommend trying FlexJobs only after the free sites in this article.

Outsourcely partners with companies to bring you amazing remote opportunities. They have everything from administrative support to sales and marketing. You can even set up a profile and let companies reach out to you.

No Desk provides thousands of jobs from emerging companies that are at the forefront of employee welfare and wellness. The easy to use website allows you to filter by category or even what part of the world you want to work from. To make it even easier, you can sign up for a newsletter to get remote jobs straight to your inbox. is a super easy to navigate job boards website. It makes it really easy to browse if you don't have something specific you're looking for and they even have a discord community for the users of their app. The site doesn't work with third-party recruiters, so when you see a listing you can quickly click through the site to get to the company's application process.

I'm sure you've heard of Glassdoor. But this is more than just a place where you can find remote jobs. You can also search a company on Glassdoor to find reviews, average salaries, and even get insight into how you might be interviewed. Keep in mind that smaller businesses might not show up on Glassdoor, but anytime you have an interview, not researching the company on Glassdoor is a big mistake.

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